The Truck


The SURVIVOR TRUCK is truly a magnificent vehicle. It is a massive 13 Ton All Wheel Drive beast with 53” tires and a burly drive-train. Our vehicle is uniquely versatile and able to satisfy many needs in one platform. Unlike the other products being made for the consumer and government markets, the SURVIVOR TRUCK is able meet the diverse needs of military, safety, security, surveillance, law enforcement, fire and many more. It provides transportation, command center, barracks, equipment storage and the ability to remain deployed for an extended period in a size of standard truck. In addition, this vehicle is fully self-sustaining for weeks or months with clean fuels and solar power.

The SURVIVOR TRUCK prototype is being created from a low-tech platform that is very durable and EMP resistant. It began its life as a 1980 Chevy C-70 medium-duty truck and is rated at 26,000 GVWR but can easily be modified to work on any chassis, including F650, F750. FL70 and more. The rear differential is rated at 17,500 pounds and the front differential is rated at 9,500 pounds. Currently it has a 5-speed manual transmission and a Rockwell T-226 transfer case with high and low. It is powered by a Chevy 366 ci tall block – the first “industrial’ engine designed by General Motors with fairly low compression so it will “last forever” (hopefully) and has often been modified to run on propane in school busses. We converted from the standard dual rear tires (40”) to military-type Michelin XZL 16:00r20 (53”) tires all around. The SURVIVOR TRUCK will has a custom-made canopy system that supports the camo netting system that allows a space around the perimeter of the vehicle and creates a random arch and silhouette.

Here are some of the reasons this vehicle is different from other projects: armored command center with workstations for 3-5 people, custom pop-up camper by Four Wheel Campers, EMP-proof, Faraday Cage, Sleeps 4-14, Bi-fuel compatible (gasoline and propane), 300 gallons of fuel (146 gal. gasoline /154 gal. propane), 120 gallons of water, custom utility bed and storage system, entire vehicle custom-coated by Rhino Lining, 360 degree video monitoring, thermal imaging/ Night Vision / Infrared lighting, private encrypted radio network, system has 6V /12V / propane, CNG & gasoline engine and generator / Solar Power / Deployable Solar Generator, Inverters, Water purification / water desalination, On-board air compressor, 200 amp 12V welder and power generator, NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical environment) air handling and filtration system, motion/ vibration/ burglar alarm, CB/ HAM/ 2-Way radios, Communications repeater, observation & sniper platform, 360 degree protective cage, custom interior, winches front and rear, fold-out tent for 6, Lift Gate…

Sand Sports Magazine and others have committed to using the SURVIVOR TRUCK in feature articles. We were able to show this truck at SEMA where it was Day Four TRUCK of the Day and featured on MSN, Fox News, Yahoo, USA Today, CBS News, KCAL 9 and more. We are also currently working with Circle King Networks and others for television and DVD release. We filmed for the hit show “Doomsday Preppers” that will air in January.

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